Pursuing Excellence Retreats
Pursuing Excellence Retreats
A transformative dynamic in organizational structure. 3 & 5 day retreats from APEX VIsion Solutions
  • Has your organization hit a wall?

    Has your organizational structure created barriers instead of windows to your future? Create an organizational structure and culture that matches your intentions. Transform your culture by breaking down the walls that keep you from moving forward. 
  • Are you a boss or a co-creator?

    What if you could transform the dynamic of employee relationships, where everyone is partnered as a co-creator of the vision and mission of your organization? It's possible!
  • Marketing, websites, customer service, retail sales, client acquisition -  what door do you enter first?

    What if we could transform seeing your customer or constituent as people you do something to or for, and instead transform them into partners you are working with to reach results?
  • A culture of reconciliation means no conflict mediation. 

    Toxicity in the workplace is a leading cause of employee turnover, client dissatisfaction, and decreased productivity. We work with our clients to bring a culture of reconciliation and of conflict transformation. To mediate is to divide. We strive to unite you, your employee co-creators, and your partner constituents into a relationship that brings results to your organization.
  • Think you can't afford our services? Think again!

    From website design that brings your vision to the world, to a total overhaul of your organizational systems, we have you covered. Whether you need a 2-hour training, or a week long retreat, the team at Pursuing Excellence can meet your budget and your vision.

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