Pursuing Excellence
Pursuing Excellence
A transformative dynamic in organizational structure

Are you a boss or a co-creator?

02.08.2019 06:12 PM Comment(s) By Lisa Fitzpatrick

Changing the dynamic of seeing your employees as partners..

What if you could transform the dynamic of employee relationships, where everyone is partnered as a co-creator of the vision and mission of your organization? It's possible!

In most modern organizations, employees are perceived as someone who does something for you in exchange for a paycheck. This relationship is then purely transactional. What if we could shift this relationship to transformational and relational? What could that mean for your company, church, agency, or school? What would it look like if every employee, from the full time executive to the part time custodian, was viewed as a co-creator, a partner in achieving the preferred vision and objectives of your organization?

This is the concept of with. Let's talk about what this shift could mean for you and your organization. Give us a call for your no cost and no obligation consultation. Today begins your organizational transformation!

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