Pursuing Excellence
Pursuing Excellence
A transformative dynamic in organizational structure

Has Your Organization Hit a wall?

02.08.2019 05:52 PM Comment(s) By Lisa Fitzpatrick

Remove the barriers that block your vision.

Has your organizational structure created barriers instead of windows to your future? Create an organizational structure and culture that matches your intentions. Transform your culture by breaking down the walls that keep you from moving forward. 

As organizations grow, they often obtain a dysfunction of culture. We set a vision early in the process of what our company or agency wants to become, what we wish to accomplish, the goals we intend to meet. As different and often creative personalities enter in the process, these original visions often become blurred. This isn't always a bad thing - as creative minds can bring a new clarity to our direction. It is when the vision becomes blocked and is no longer carried by those working to implement it that dysfunction sets in.

The windows through which we saw our future can the quickly become bricked in, much like an old building. Static, and a shadow of what could be, these walls where windows should be become part of our landscape. We settle in. "That's just the way we've always done it before", is what we tell ourselves. Yet deep down, we know there used to be a window here; a window to our preferred future.

Perhaps you have had a lesson or two on Organizational Efficiency. Let us transform your culture to Organizational Effectiveness. Using your existing resources, finding ones that you need to further your vision, and letting go of those that don't, together we can transform your organizational culture to match your intentions. 

I'm excited to get started with you and your team. Let's make a difference in your space, so together we can make a difference in the world!

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